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Online Banking V3.1 (Website Script)


🚦Admin decides whatever billing codes they want (COT, IMF, JJC or ANY NAME YOU WANT TO CALL IT) Admin can specify any billing method or name of the three (3) codes they want on the website.
🚥 Users will have to verify their email address before KYC Stage (SSN, ID Cards, Nationality, Salary Range etc).
🚦Sleek, Smooth and Easy Navigation Interface / Dashboard for Both User and Admin End.
🚥 Admin can send emails to all users once or to any user direcrly from the admin dashboard.
🚦Users are on pending KYC Verification and Admin has to approve users KYC documents before they can login to their dashboard. 
🚥 Admin can activate different deposit methods.
🚦Users are sent emails for everything... Debit, Credit, Account Verification / Activation, OTPs etc.
🚥 Users can apply for and get loans after admin approves their application. 
🚦 Admin can create new users from admin end. Can also delete users, block users, reset pin and passwords of any user etc.
🚥 Admin can credit any user accounts with backdated or future dates.
🚦 Admin can create other sub admin to help manage the website and many other features.

DEMO: bzz.prifa.co

Email: danloaded1@gmail.com 

Password: danloaded

All Codes Required: 1111

The price tag on this is for the website script. If you have knowledge of web development / design, you can get it and set up an INSTANT WEBSITE by yourself.

If you know nothing about website development / design AND you need a full website with THIS WEBSITE SCRIPT, we can set it up and get it delivered to you within just 100 hours. You will need to also tick the addon of (+)plus the full website during payment and pay the total sum shown to you, and then you'll provide us with your preferred website name (e.g., danloaded.com) and other information we need to get started immediately. Your website would also have SSL installed, and you'll also be entitled to up to five professional website email addresses (e.g., support@danloaded.com, info@danloaded.com, contact@danloaded.com, etc)


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